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Hi, and welcome to my website. I’m Russell Burton-Lawrence and I am The Barrister Broker®. I help people avoid the cost of solicitors by providing them with an alternative way to deal with their legal issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

If you have a legal issue, avoid assuming that your only option is to use a solicitor because it isn’t!  Access to legal services has changed and there is now a more expert yet less costly legal solution available – this is where I can really help you.

I help individuals and businesses to deal with their legal issues by facilitating the direct services of Barristers – the top level of lawyer in this country. My “direct” route to a Barrister cuts out any need to use a solicitor which makes the overall cost to the client significantly LESS – and you may even get a better outcome!

4 seriously good reasons to use Barristers:

You pay less – Barristers cost less overall than solicitors.  When you pay a Barrister you are paying for their time and expertise – not the cost of running expensive offices.
• You get the highest level of legal advice and representation – Barristers advise on the strengths and weaknesses of a claim, draft legal documents, write letters to the other side/person, negotiate settlements and represent clients before courts and tribunals.
Get it done quicker – Barristers have specialist legal knowledge which means they are able to deal with the issues quickly and efficiently.
Know the cost in advance – Fixed fees provide peace of mind knowing in advance how much the cost will be – no hidden charges or nasty surprise bills later on.

And 20 something seriously good reasons to come to me are on my client testimonials page! 

If you require legal assistance in any of the following areas give me a call because I will be able to save you money and help you to get the best outcome you can: Divorce and financial remedies ~ Custody and contact of children ~ Motoring offences ~ Business disputes ~ Will disputes.

I am based in West Kent and have helped many people in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Edenbridge, and other parts of Kent and East Sussex significantly reduce their legal costs.  If you want an expert and seriously cost-effective legal solution, then you had better get in touch with me.

Contact me by telephone on 01732 866 562 or by email.

It doesn’t cost you anything to speak to me, but I could end up saving you thousands!


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    Solicitors usually charge by the hour - and that can get expensive! I charge ‘fixed fees’ meaning you know what the fee will be before agreeing for the work to be done. You remain in control.

    Barristers are the legal experts-the elite lawyers who solicitors go to when they need advice on the law. Barristers know their area of law inside out and you can benefit from their expertise. This puts you in a very powerful position.

    Barristers will cost you LESS overall than if you went via a solicitor - no doubt about it. Several of my clients have paid as much as 50% LESS than the fees they had been quoted by solicitors by going via me to a Barrister.

    Given that Barristers have special legal knowledge they are able to do things quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. They get straight to the crux of the matter.

Mr Andy Snook, Kent (2015)
“Russell is highly professional and knows exactly who to put you in touch with. He takes time to understand what the issue is and then acts upon the information, ensuring that there is a constant flow of communications between the client and the barrister he’s appointed until a resolution is attained. I can’t think of a reason why anybody wouldn’t use his Barrister Broker service!”


Ms J Williams, Sevenoaks, Kent (2015)
“A bad experience using a solicitor at a court hearing led me to contact The Barrister Broker having read about him in a local magazine. Russell came to see me and explained the benefits in using barristers for legal advice and court representation. The barrister that Russell arranged for me was well organised, knew child law inside and out, and was excellent in court. I was delighted with the final outcome for me and my child. Russell is very approachable, has a calming effect and was always available to speak to me which I found very reassuring. I thoroughly recommend Russell’s services to any Mum going through a divorce or experiencing child contact issues with their ex. A mother with piece of mind finally.”


Mr Dave Cassell, Isle of Wight (2015)
"Following a court trial last year which I won, I experienced a great deal of trouble getting paid by the losing party even though the court had ordered the claimant to pay me. With endless help and support from Russell and, via him, legal expertise from one of his barristers, I have now received every penny that the claimant was ordered to pay to me. I am extremely grateful to Russell for coordinating the process and for always being available."


Mr Terry Blake, Businessman and Entrepreneur, Edenbridge, Kent (2015)
“My company needed to go legal on a couple of occasions last year following breach of contract and non-payment of invoices. I knew of The Barrister Broker locally so I contacted him. Russell quickly arranged for me to take advice from a specialist Barrister and thereafter ongoing assistance as and when I needed it. This led to both matters being settled without the need to attend court. I found the option of by-passing a solicitor and instead going direct to a Barrister to be extremely valuable and highly cost-effective and the level of expertise was clear from the outset. My advice to anyone needing legal assistance is simple: contact Russell.”


Mrs J Cocking, J&K Gallery Ltd, Crowborough (2014)
“I needed to consider taking legal action and as luck would have it, Russell’s name came up as the person to contact. Russell quickly arranged for a senior barrister to attend at my business premises for a site visit and conference providing me with the benefit of his expertise and a clear strategy going forward. I found the process of going direct to a barrister via Russell to be incredibly straightforward and most definitely cost-effective. If I should need legal advice again, the only person I will be calling will be The Barrister Broker.”


Gemma Johnson, Limited (2014)
“Our company had a legal issue and we initially considered solicitors but the estimated costs were overwhelming. I was then recommended to go to The Barrister Broker. Not only did he give us a really specialist barrister for our case but the overall cost was considerably less than we had been quoted by solicitors. Dealing with Russell and the barrister he arranged was a straight-forward process and I would certainly recommend him to anyone seeking legal services.”


Mrs S Morton, Edenbridge (2014)
"My son had solicitors acting for him in child contact proceedings but after six months the solicitor’s costs were spiralling out of control to the point where we could not retain the services of the solicitor any longer. This was at a very crucial point in the proceedings and time was of the essence. I remembered reading about The Barrister Broker in a local magazine and rang him. Russell acted very quickly and arranged for us to have a conference with an experienced family law barrister within a few days. The expertise of the barrister was obvious from the start. He knew exactly what needed to be done and how to go about doing it which gave us all a real boost in confidence. The final hearing lasted several days with judgment in favour of my son. Being able to go directly to a barrister has been a godsend and the amount of money we have saved as a result has been unbelievable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Barrister Broker to anyone needing legal services. My only regret is that we didn’t remember the magazine article at the outset.”


S Stirling, Kent (2014)
“I had a legal problem and had received poor advice from a solicitor. The Barrister Broker was able to put me in touch with a barrister who reviewed my case and gave me a frank assessment of the strengths and weaknesses. With this information I was able to weigh up the different options before me and decide my strategy. Russell and the barrister then guided me through the legal process as a litigant in person, keeping me informed of the different processes and what was required and presenting my case thoroughly and persuasively in court. I know that my legal bill was much lower than it would have been with a solicitor, and I am confident that the advice I received was much better. You do have to be motivated to act as a litigant in person – but nobody knows your case or cares about it more than you do. I would therefore certainly explore this as my first option if the need ever arises again.”


Mrs V Bushell, Bromley, Kent (2014)
“I have been using The Barrister Broker’s services for the last 15 months until my case recently came to a fair conclusion at court. I acted as a Litigant in Person in order to avoid the cost of solicitors having heard that using barristers via Russell was more cost-effective, which certainly proved to be the case. Russell arranged for me to be advised step-by-step by a specialist divorce barrister who also represented me at each court hearing. The expertise of the barrister was obvious from the outset which I found very reassuring. I am extremely grateful to Russell for his hands on approach and constant support. This was an excellent experience for me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Russell’s services to others going through a divorce.”